Skin Chooser

Monday, October 20, 2003

Power without foresight ??

I read a technical journal today that talked about the latest developments in organ implants. And it came as a jolt to me that researchers had already succesfully implanted an artificial retina. The CCD chip ( thats effectively a digicam) had worked well for the past 18 months. Well pretty much a rude awakening, as to how rapidly the gap between fact and fiction is shrinking.

Today fiction, tomorrow fact.

In another place, I happened to read an article about how researchers at another university had succesfully controlled a robotic device using just neuro-electrical signals (read thoughts, through wires attached to the head.

I wonder if i just happened to be the (un)lucky guy who happened to read both articles in the same short time gap. There must be more people out there who are thinking the same things I am. At this pace, it is VERY likely that my grand kid may go to school with a half machine.

Ok, i do concede the immense possibliities of such technology coming to the aid of the injured or incapable. But isnt such powerful technology taking us closer and closer to playing a God without foresight. Really the pace at which know-how is exploding is frightening. A scientific revolution is heartening. But i have only heard that a revolution once in a while is for good. Not a half a dozen revolutions crammed within the space of a century.

Not wanting to sound like a pessimistic _______, let me stop here. Food for thought was all I aimed at.

Lemme sign off