Skin Chooser

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Monograph on Monotheism

Funny how people can get so zealous about their religion. And how they can believe in a superior God guiding them, who is different from a God that somebody else might believe in.

Funny ... very funny.

Especially when one considers that we all live on one planet. How can there be two gods when there is only one creation ? One of them couldnt have played dummy (then he/she/it wouldnt be God at all !!). Nor could one God have created the air you breathe while another, the air I do. We'd live in a disjointed world then - one without balance. But we dont. Everywhere we look, we see harmony and balance in nature.

But why do we have so many conflicts amongst us? Why the disharmony within. Why not let the peace without, percolate within ??

Let the debate cease ...