Skin Chooser

Thursday, January 22, 2004


It was a near perfect dive. A few deep breaths to calm the body and mind. The stepping up to the edge. The concentration that blurred the corporal world, but brought into sharp focus, the mental image of one's poise - slowly coiling up like a cobra ready to strike. The suddenness, yet fluidity of the jump. Doubling over, knees folding, head tucked in, arms wrapped around, quick somersaults, a beautiful loop .. then unspringing back back into a straight position, legs straight, hips straightening, arms stretched out, now a swift arrow about to slice through a watery armour.

All that was remaining was the clean entry into the fluid medium waiting below. And then ... THUD.
It ended with a sickening splat on the on the scorching, hot sand.

A mirage ...

Note: This entry started out with totally different intentions. And of course, ended up as, i dunno what. Please bear with what I consider a bad entry.