Skin Chooser

Friday, February 06, 2004

bride hunting ?

the following are the contents of a coupla mails between me and Bob (the grid god) ... all, over a coupla pics that i should have sent to him a week earlier than i actually did ... found it ticklish ... thats why they found their way here ,,,

Hi bob,

I am so sorry for the delay in sending the pics. I do hope I am forgiven , for procrastination runs in my blood …

I also sincerely hope that the delay has in no way interfered, with the bride-search process you have initiated back in India. I know that a delay of a week means that u have been set back in the filtration process by about 200 girls …


and his reply ....

Hi Ram,

I am greatly indebted to you for this favor. Regarding the filtration and distillation --yeah my folks do say that I would have lost a couple of million in dowry for the delay. But I now feel that I will be greatly compensated for that because of these pics. Thank you for the great pics.

Bob (Hari)

ps : ET India reports that dowry market is expected to grow up by 5% this year over the last fiscal year 2002-03.This has been due to a sharp fall in prices for digital cameras and the corresponding digital technology improvement during this period. Sadly none of the reasons cited can be attributed to rise in income levels or to the growing popularity of axe -deodorant. Any how If you are wondering why this special note is longer than the mail itself than most probably you haven’t heard Webster’s warning that” things which should have been bigger actually appear smaller in mail”. A corollary to this statement can be proved easily here.