Skin Chooser

Friday, February 20, 2004

A new blog is born

Just a beginning .... still deciding wether to use this as a piclog (plog ??) or a normal text based one. Shall start posting once a decision is reached. Dont expect a flurry of posts though. Im a very lethargic writer. ... laziness is a built in damping factor, that introduces a diffusion term in the equations of state that describe my behaviour.

In the mean, lemme fill the hiatus between this post and the next, by linking you ppl to my other blog (how many is this lunatic gonna have ? ... u ask)

Click ya way to my blog

until then,

Note: This post is dated based on the day when this blog was actually created. I then used it as a placeholder to ensure that I had a nook for myself on Blogger. Hence, technically, this post was the first post on this blog and the ones earlier than this are migrants from my first blog on Lycos.