Skin Chooser

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Aperitifs but No Entree !!

        It is amazing to see how much communications technology has developed in the last few years. But sometimes u start feeling that its not always for good.  Especially, when u possess something that is not yet fully developed or foolproof.

        Consider for instance what happened to me just a coupla minutes ago. 'Amazing' cellular communications put me on the line with a close friend who was traveling on a train half the world across. I didnt give it a second thought then.  But, much to Murphy's delight, the train just then had to pass into a region where the signal could not be picked up. Back to square one.

    Would it have been better, I wonder, if I hadnt got the line in the first place. Then I wouldnt have had to experience the exhilaration of "Hi !! ... its been such a long time." before having to listen to the dismal 'disconnected' tone. It would have been good too, if there didnt exist such satellite technology that could extend such a long, though feeble arm halfway across the globe to reach out to someone.

(about 300 words in half an hour - written and deleted)

    I begin to understand the urge for poets to cover themselves with similes and metaphors. There are instances like this when u really want to portray how you feel ... the depth and intensity of your emotions, when u realize that language has its limitations after all. You want to convey something ... but cannot describe in words. You draw analogies to a more common occurence (event, emotion, action etc) that readers can identify with and have experienced (or, can comprehend).
And thus, you convey.

 With that justification , let me say that I now feel like having been given aperitifs to whet the appetite and then being left to starve.