Skin Chooser

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Calling Dr. Jones ?

Just finished a test. Pretty draining, it was. Letting myself loosen up back at the lab, i found myself scribbling on the whiteboard ... words, doodles, basically emptying the thought tanker, for a rehaul ...

then, as i stepped back a few minutes later, it struck me that they could all make it to the blog ... perhaps, this might be the stuff pshychoanalysts have to get their hands on to find out why i am what i am ... anyway, here it is; in no particular order.

boredom - emptiness - panacea - warped - ennui - jet lag
no light ; no end ; no tunnel ; no hope ; no thoughts ; no feelings ; no consciousness ; no self ; no existence ; no god ;
light ; hope ; joy ; life ; reason ; fulfillment
kinetic energy ; lml ; honda ;
particle tracking ; home ; mom ;
the orient ; dumb kid on the block

so much for that... lets see how many shrinks can make anything outta the thing