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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Another e-mail conversation

Here's another e-mail conversation that occured just yesterday. Should make passable reading if u've got an uncritical sense of humour, and some time. The occasion was the invitation to a birthday treat to be given by my roomie. As i was given the task of inviting the guys, it was obvious to expect some foul play ;)
so here goes ...

Mail 1 ----

To: M; V; A; G; K; T
Primary reply to : Rahul Bond (over phone)
Subject: bond's treat

Hey guys ..

Bond wanted u guys to confirm the attendance for his Bday treat. U are required to
call up Mr. Rahul Bond at home (or on his cell) to confirm your presence and to fix the time . Any time
after 7:30 pm is permissible, as before that, my roomie Prof. K will be teaching the
'hyperspace-quantum physics & superstring theory verification' lab.

Looking forward to meeting you at Al's for the treat

Mail 2 ----

From: M
To: R
Subject: RE: bond's treat

I guess we shall have to shift the testing of this important thing by our high level team, from Al's to Taj India. For this meeting discussing cutting edge gastronomic technology, we cannot employ a commonly
accesible place. Please confirm your views on this so that re-locating can be done without any major


Mail 3 ----
From: R
To: M

Technically, I do not have any objections to this relocation program. Actually, If planned out properly, this can fructify into a well-funded project, with the capacity of sustaining about 7/8 grad students for one whole meal. The possibilities of extending this into a series of meals is also quite real. But the proposal has to be well worded and submitted with utmost care, as it is a very sensitive area. With proper persuasion, the sanctioning authority (Mr. Rahul Bond) should accede to our requests. I feel that all efforts should be immediately channeled in this direction. Also to be taken into account, are the commuting efforts involved.

All said and done, I would also like to place on record my personal lack of interest in Taj India. With frequent visits, the suggested location poses no new challenge or possibilities to me. In this light, I hope my suggestions are taken as an objective analysis.


Mail 4 ----
From: M
To: R

Mr. R,

I concur with your views. In this scenario, the issuing authority Mr. Bond does not have any discretion in the matter. The funds have to be allocated due to severe necessity. Targeting Al's is not a good thought and so is the case with Taj India. Both these places, as you rightly said, pose no new challenge. We have another secure area blooming with possibilites called 5-points. With people as talented as us, and the funding resourcefulness of Mr. Bond, embarking on a difficult and costly project would not be out of
question. Most of the colleagues in my lab would be duly convinced in progressing to some path breaking

I would apreciate it if you could bring this to Mr. Bond's light and prepare him to expect a great team
success on such a mission.


R - Myself
M - My primar collaborator in planning this advanced gastronomic research
A, V - M's roomies
G - My roomie
T - Neighbour
Prof. K- He already figures in another entry in this blog. (The last teardrop)
Mr. Rahul Bond - The B'day boy (& hence our funding authority !)
Al's, Taj India - Eateries
5 points - secret location of our new research lab with great facilities for our research