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Friday, July 23, 2004

Water ... Lifegiver

    This evening found me playing a racquetball game at the gym with a friend. A draining game for a total novice. Within the hour I was all huffy. And I noticed I was not moving as much on my feet as I ought to.

   Totally kaput ... I called for a break and trudged up to the nearest water fountain. As the clear and cool liquid coursed down my throat, I really did feel this instantaneous change. A sudden breath of energy.

   I reflected on several instances in literature where the author spends considerable effort trying to portray the suffering that water causes with its absence.  Phrases like 'life flowed anew through his veins' flashed through my mind. I noted that two out of the three books that I have read lately dwelled on the hardships of drinking water shortage ( LOTR & Life of Pi ).

    A coupla minutes later I found myself back on court ... playing with a vigour, jumping and sidestepping better than I had been. Of course, that it didnt make any difference is another story, but the value of water had been driven home.

  I like to think that I have learned something out of it. Whether I have, will only come to light, if I do all the small things that I want to, to conserve water.



Blogger Nil said...

"Neer indri amaiyaadhu Ulagu"

Sat Jul 24, 03:58:00 AM CDT 
Blogger Girish said...

Dei Ram...
Do keep in mind the audience when u write a blog entry..For us down in Chennai, water is like in a totally different league altogether..
as an aside, was at psbb today, and that bhel puri at anand bakery is still just as delicious as ever..k, lemme stop, and not let u go green again.. ;)


Sat Jul 24, 11:45:00 AM CDT 

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