Skin Chooser

Monday, July 18, 2005

Ruminating ...

Well... after my previous post, I went back and 'revised' some of the stories in the Dahl omnibus. Call it rumination if you will. Skimming lightly through some of the pages, this paragraph caught my eye. Found it amusing. I am quoting from "Georgy Porgy", from the Dahl omnibus:

I find that writing is a most salutary occupation at a time like this, and I spend many hours each day playing with sentences. I regard each sentence as a little wheel, and my ambition lately has been to gather several hundred of them together at once and to fit them all end to end, with the cogs interlocking, like gears, but each wheel a different size, each turning at a different speed. Now and again I try to put a really big one right next to a very small one in such a way that the big one turning slowly, will make the small one spin so fast that it hums. Very tricky, that.

The mechanical engineer in me had to blog this. :)