Skin Chooser

Thursday, April 14, 2005

... and no updates to the blog because:

i was just replying to a howler from a friend, when i thought that i might as well make it a public statement. so here it is.

... and no updates to the blog because:
1) first two months, i was totally down. i went empty from the inside. have my own reasons.
2) second two months, i kept planning a total revamp that has'nt yet materialized.

when will you start posting again?:
hopefully AFTER a total revamp of all my pages.

when will that happen?:
i cant read misty crystal balls, but definitely sometime soon ;)

whats stopping you from the revamp?:
myself !

when should i check back again?:
i dunno :(

how can i contribute?:
leave a few choice words for a comment. something that could hopefully sting me out of this reverie.