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Thursday, June 23, 2005

New name, New looks ... New purpose?

I almost felt compelled to post again just to show that I am back to active blogging. Not that there is nothing to say (write). There have been so many occasions in the last couple of months when I've been literally shaking from the need to put my thoughts on the blog. But I refrained, with the solemn thought that I would blog again only after I updated my page layout. Which, I knew, was pretty much the only way to get myself to actually update the pages. And thus, a two-month break became a long half-year silence. A period that has given me a bit of time to do some semi-serious soul searching.

Why is this blog? Does it have an essential existence? Is it a great place to keep up with world news? Or do I update these pages with snippets from my life? Or does it serve a niche reader-base with writings on 'niche' topics? Is this a tech blog? Or a test blog? Am I a great writer? Does my writing make ppl split their sides in fits of laughter? Am I writing for a higher cause? Like "Animals' Lib" or "Cruelty to Women"? Or is this blog one of those gr8 politico-journalistico-critico types? Does this blog get so many hits that companies pay me to write about them on a per-word basis? Or am I out to change the world (A carriage return is mightier than a sword)? Do I do this to feed my ego? Did I start a blog because it was a very hep-'clique'ish thing to do? Do I blog because my family can keep a tab on my doings? Or because a potential girlfriend might be impressed? Do I blog because I have to spread the word of the almighty? Or because I have to sell farm machine spare-parts? Do I blog with a purpose?

Well, I racked my brain for quite a while. I tried to find a purpose for blogging. I distinctly remember deciding early-on that my blog would not recount personal & daily activities/ incidents, the way many bloggers do. I did not want to maintain an online diary that others would read. So, my blogs cannot be about what I do. But I have to write about something I know. Something that I am good at. Which, it turns out, is woefully little. So this blog will not be a 'niche' blog. No tech stuff here. And I dont make claims to writing funny stuff, or popular stuff. The last one year, my blog has been getting about 10 hits a day. Which, I must assume is only a close circle of friends. Of course, I would like to change that... reach out to more people. I would like to write gr8 stuff, and be appreciated, quoted and clip-blogged everywhere. But should that be what drives me to blog?

My Very First Post

Well, I just dunno whats got into me. I used to despise blogs of any kind .. and here I am, creating my own blog!! Well, I am just hoping this will be a better way for all the people who know me, and who want to glimpse at my lifestyle and thought processes to keep in touch with whats up.

I dont plan to post daily or even weekly, for that matter. This is just going to be a record of those erratic bursts of the wish to express something. I just presume that like all this modern art stuff, Ill end up creating something, that someone out there will be able to interpret sensibly and enjoy.

So here's to my log

Just to see, if I actually had a purpose in mind when I started out, I went back and looked at my first blog post that I have blurbed here. I am relieved that I non-categorically asserted that this blog was going to be erratic at best. And erratic it has been. :) When I started out, I remember clearly that I would blog because I enjoyed writing. I was rediscovering, after a long break, the pleasures of writing. I also wanted to see how good I could get. I wanted to see if I could write pieces off the top of my head without having to ponder deep and plan my words. I also remember feeling this urge to speak out about my values and ethics.

But in the last few months I have felt the need to discover new purpose for blogging. I'd like to say that I am searching for the "blogger" equivalent of the purpose of all life and creation. Perhaps, Vivekananda-like I should set out on a quest for the answer. Or maybe I could try growing a beard and find a cave in the nearby Oak Mountains :) But till I find an answer, blogging I shall be!


Blogger Murali said...


Two things about this post.

Style: This a cool post, impressive usage of words to express your thoughts 'carriage return mightier than pen', 'grow beard and find a cavbe in oak mountains'

Intent: Both of us are the same boat. I have been grappling to answer the questions which have been haunting you.


Thu Jun 23, 09:35:00 AM CDT 
Blogger Balai said...

Hey Ram...this comment has nothing to with the post. But since u have made a new template and a new start, I thought I should point you to the way to create expandable posts.
This way u can make u'r page scroll friendly and avoid huge posts in the main page. Justa suggestion.

Thu Jun 23, 05:48:00 PM CDT 
Blogger ஆள்தோட்டபூபதி said...

So what can be expected in ur blog?

Fri Jun 24, 03:26:00 AM CDT 
Blogger Srikanth said...

Saar, way to go!

Sat Jun 25, 09:35:00 PM CDT 
Anonymous Fuse said...

Dei dawg, check this link..just pasting it here..Dunno if you've heard about this by now...RC died in an accident it seems...shocking !

Sun Jun 26, 09:21:00 AM CDT 
Blogger Sujatha said...

Hey Ram,
Thanks for listing my blog. Plz revert back to Haloscan for comments.

Fri Jul 01, 01:10:00 PM CDT 
Blogger RamV said...

thanks murali. but i think ur blog does have life in it. i suppose that suffices ...

balaji, i dont plan to make my posts collapsible. am not drawn towards it.

dil... still dunno ;) :D :(

thanks, saar.

suj, the rest of our college gang doesnt seem to update their pages at all. so i wonder, if they're blogging any more.

and why back to haloscan ? i felt blogger has improved its commenting system considerably. The only thing thats going to make me switch to something else now, is a commenting system with rss feeds :D

Fri Jul 01, 05:30:00 PM CDT 
Blogger venkataharibabu said...

happy to see someone who can think blog as something beyond personal diary,news/review or last but not least nonsense........good that ur not giving any color to it...just concerned abt ur really long hibernation periods......hope to see ur random outburst more frequently......

Sat Jul 02, 09:16:00 AM CDT 
Blogger Arvind said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Sat Jul 02, 10:08:00 AM CDT 
Blogger Arvind said...

Hi Ram,
New looks and name: Very stylish and pleasing, just the way you do most things!! Great work done da.

New purpose?: Certainly makes sense. For long, I have had this doubt whether I or other people benefit in any way from my blogs abt personal events or whether they just contribute to another avenue to squander time? Nevertheless, I at times do enjoy this and so I continue..

Consider having made your hits to 11/day. :-)

Sat Jul 02, 10:12:00 AM CDT 
Blogger RamV said...

thanks da arvind. what u say certainly makes sense. though i dont plan to give up bloggin cos i dont find a purpose, it certainly would help if i found out that i was blogging to some end. would give me a concrete subject to speak abt. i suppose that would make me a more regular blogger, as it would be easier to collect my thoughts on a specific topic.

Mon Jul 04, 11:38:00 AM CDT 

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