Skin Chooser

Sunday, February 22, 2004

now it is ... now it isnt !!

In the course of my usual 'dialogue' with the google servers (its turned into one of the most intimate relationships ive ever had ;) ..jus kidding),i suddenly tried querying it with words and terms from this blog o' mine. (egosurfing at its worst ?!)

and amongst the usual concoction that it churns up, what should i find ..?!! a Googlewhack !!... and on my page !! this really had my adrenalin going ...

not being able to contain myself ... i shot off a mail to a close undergrad friend, who had first introduced me to the phenomenon and its ramifications. Then i decided that this was worth that 'long-pending-blog-entry' ... but as i started typing, i did not want to get ensnared in that classic Googletrap (another whack ? no.. as i discover immediately)..

here, id like to draw comparisons with a very ticklish effect in quantum mechanics ... uncertainty (what else ?) .. it states that u canNOT reduce the uncertainty in the position AND momentum of a particle simultaneously, as 'THE VERY ACT OF MEASURING MORE ACCURATELY DISTURBS THE SYSTEM' ..
at least thats the popularly held view. for more info lemme guide u to a handy reference ..


Coming back to my concern ... it dawned on me that a la quantum mechanics ... the very act of proclaiming my googlewhack, would render it 'not one anymore' !! And hence, i leave it to you to figure out what the whack in this blog is ... ;)

Signing off with a request, please dont be a sadist and use the same word elsewhere .. though i dont have any copyrights. he he. .


PS: I just hope that the all-seeing algorithm doesnt index email messages sent across a coupla servers !