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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Bobisms by The Grid God

"Dont play with knives. Play with your wives."
- Hari Bob (07 August '04)
Solemn realization after Bob was educated on the dangers of playing with serrated knives by the Coimbatore Coundar.

"Quality doesnt matter if you're not going to eat what you cook."
- Hari Bob (12 July '04)
Thank goodness, Bob doesnt teach at a culinary institure. Dare not think of the consrquences.

"The Pandavas were socialists"
- Hari Bob (18 June '04)
I dont want to go too deep into the far-reaching repurcussions of such a bold inference, nor would I like to discuss the thought processes that led to it. Suffice to say that Bob, the insufferable thinker has come up another of his 'famous' Bobisms. Ill shortly be linking to a post on Balaji's blog, who was also audience to this 'BoBest of them all' utterance.

"Two logical arguments can never be convergent if they arise from different frames of reference."
- Hari Bob (April '04)
The corollaries and inferences that u can draw from this statement !! Might put a stop to a few of those long drawn and heated debates that are really not worth any time at all. Very precisely and succinctly put.

"Let your pride not be your weakness."
- Hari Bob (April '04)
Seem to have heard that somewhere, but still, he said it at a time when it conveyed everything that needed to be said.

"Engineers dont drop things. They test them."
- Hari Bob (Undated)
U need statements like this one to start feeling important.


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