Skin Chooser

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

They've asked us to pray.

Father to one of my juniors at school, husband to one of my favorite teachers, a teacher himself, one of the reasons behind my 4 years at Pondicherry, a jolly & approachable person, no artificial airs, one of the very few that nature bestows with a serenity and peace that comes from within and pervades without - Uncle D has taken ill.

Over the past two weeks, I have been reading Dinesh's account of his father's progress on his blog. I followed the ups and downs in the chart as Dinesh reported them. I read with horror about his high BP, and with joy about his steady recovery. And all through, there has been this growing conviction that good men like Uncle D are here to stay.

The latest post reports that Uncle D has undergone a major surgery to relieve his high blood pressure and is fighting his way back to normalcy. And somewhere amidst a pageful of woes, I caught this statement.

"They've asked us to pray."

And it was then that I felt that, perhaps, my blog might serve a purpose after all. If only I can convince a fraction of my readers to take the effort of a coupla clicks and leave a message, an expression of support, of encouragement, a display of solidarity ... a small prayer.

Im sure a few words can go a long way in boosting morale. Please do drop by Dinesh's blog if you would wish to.