Skin Chooser

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Cluster Hunting

Our very own Cahaba is flooded with jobs. Comp. Science's Everest is down. Alabama supercomputing's Crays run MPICH. The math department's Beowulf seems promising. And what with, Tecplot installed, its hard to resist. Would be great if I could get a login.

People clamor for gmail IDs.
Or perhaps, for seats on a bus.
Attention .. definitely! (what do you think this blog is all about??)
Food? Man, I have seen some pretty bad fistfights for that last piece of candy.

Here, in the life of one poor (all puns intended) graduate student, such desires dwarf into seeming insignificance when compared with the one BIG perennial hunger that hounds us - the craving for CPU time. Working in a simulation-based area ensures that you are apportioned your share of heavy codes that demand hours of run-time in a parallel environment. And it so happens that whenever you are in a hurry to get some results, everybody else also is. Things have been going from bad to worse in terms of available computing power. Right when Im looking at running some near-continuum flows that need all the crunch they can get, I run into a drought of CPU time. And not a short one at that ... this one has lasted more than a month.

Fortunately, things are poised to turn for the better. We should be getting some time on Cahaba soon. However, its Murphy who always has the last word. What with the chances for CPU time increasing, gone is the pressing need to run the case :)

Meanwhile, Im planning to punch the next guy who takes my pizza.