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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Arcane Affairs (:p)

Note: The author wishes to remain anonymous. Nor has any background information been offered. This piece was in my hands early July. And it was a tough decision to make when the discretion to publish was left in my hands. Suffice to say that such writing is totally uncharacteristic of my blog (or isnt it?), and I wasnt sure if it should be here at all. But it finally does end up here because of just one reason...
The spontaneity is almost tangible.

The strongest emotions have the smaller and emptier words decribing them. Like Pain... Like Love.
Why am i concerned ? Why do i care if somebody is down ? Distance dulls the intensity. Or does it ? How do another's emotions affect me in any way ?

But I am affected. The knowledge that another is not in the best of spirits wieghs on you. Pulls you down. You spend time staring at the wall, wondering why you are so down suddenly. You wish to do something that will alleviate this stupor from either. Do something that will let the other person know that you are sharing the burden, that you are there. That you care.

And then, you realise that there really is no 'other'. That all this is born of the oneness. That it is but a reaffirmation of the intractable intertwining of two souls. And that you are in the midst of something divine. Something greater than either. A classic case of sum greater than the whole. An infinite being.

... Wishful thinking.


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Or is it Jekyl and hyde ;)

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