Skin Chooser

Friday, October 29, 2004

Atlantis ... or Antarctica ?

I was recently looking at the hit stats for this blog. Trying to see how many ppl were actually foolish / unfortunate enough to stop by. There was this pie chart that piqued me. The chart displayed all the continents from which my page had received hits. It dutifully listed the 6 that we can expect. And then there was this seventh that really caught my attention. I have it posted here:

Was wondering if it was someone from Antarctica or perhaps the lost civilization from Atlantis. Perhaps the Numenoreans from Tolkien's Middle Earth [ picking up on the last post ;) ]. You obviously cant rule out visitors from outer space [vain belief that my blog is so popular !!]. Nor can you rule out any of those beautiful mermaids [tell me which continent they live on, huh ??]. Of course, there's a more mundane explanation to the whole thing, but doesnt it sometimes make it exciting to ignore the facts and do a little 'thinking-up' of your own !!

As an aside, here's a more specific list of countries in decreasing order of the number of visitors from each. Some really unexpected countries. Blogging's making the world really small.

1. United States ;
2. India ;
3. United Kingdom ;
4. Singapore ;
5. Canada ;
6. Japan ;
7. Kenya ;
8. Australia ;
9. Netherlands, The ;
10. Malaysia ;
11. Hong Kong S.A.R. ;
12. Germany ;
13. United Arab Emirates ;
14. Uruguay ;
15. France ;
16. Korea ;
17. Saudi Arabia ;
18. Hungary ;
19. Portugal ;
20. Taiwan