Skin Chooser

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Blogger Comments Suck

Been on the cards for a long time, I finally have switched to Haloscan for the comments on this blog. This way, the few ppl who do stop by to leave a message can do it much better, rather than having to bear with the blogger commenting system which really makes a pain of the process.

And, let me take this chance to make an open appeal to my few readers, that they assuage my hurt ego by leaving a message on the blog. This way I know that there is somebody out there that gives two pence about what I feel.

The only sorry thing about this seems to be that there is no way to export my comments on blogger to Haloscan. I just have to lose them all or bear the eyesore of two commenting systems on the blog. As I have most of the comments backed up safe, I dont mind much.

And speaking of exporting, I think it is time that somebody comes up with a standard format for exporting and importing blogs. Taking my case as the story of the average blogger, I am sure anybody who sticks to it for a while is bound to make a few transitions between different platforms.And it is to the benefit of everybody if we could simply export and import blogs, the way we do address books. A format that can archive the posts, comments, crosslinking, images and perhaps, even the layout and stuff. This would really be coool. One could then jus packup one's blog and migrate to another system. Lets wait and watch if that happens.

Signing off ...