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Sunday, July 24, 2005

The "help me get in touch" campaign

Supposed to be working hard on my thesis. But as it turns out, my concentration spans can have fantastic spikes in them (only) when I am doing something unproductive. It is for this reason that I bought myself a laptop 7 months ago. Desperately hoping to increase my productivity. As things turned out, nothing of that sort happened. And with a similar excuse, I've gotten myself a cellfone. Hoping to address my chronically disorganized nature. Dunno if its going to work out.

I used to be secretly afraid of owning one. To me, they were a pain. I wondered how people didn't feel fettered with one on them. But, I succumb to technology. The gadget loving, self pampering, geek in me won over my morbid disgust for wireless imprisonment. God & the laws of physics permitting, this will get me a little more organized. Hopefully, the next time I need to call somebody, I wont have to hunt down a common friend over Yahoo messenger to get the number!

If you are reading this and you know me and I know you and you can stand the thought of having to speak to me then please send me a mail / offliner with your PHONE NO.

Help a disconnected soul.


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