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Monday, July 18, 2005

Updates: Photoblog, Skins and Blogger Comments

I just wanted to mention a few updates.

I managed to update my photoblog. There have been sweeping changes. First, I have moved the image hosting off blogger onto flickr. I find that it organizes my photos much better. In attempting to redesign my photoblog, I tried to keep in mind the fact that nobody should have to scroll down to view the picture. I was initially planning to post at 640x480. And this called for a major shift away from the tabbed layout that I had already set up for my other pages. It was taking up too much pixel estate. I spent two more nights meddling with the css that, I had just thought, needed no more meddling with. However, it turned out flickr supports just 500 pixels on the long side. So the new skin was in vain. But it looks simple and good, and I have made that the default skin for my photoblog.

Of course, you can still change it to the skin that you prefer, and it will stay set on that. For those who dont know, you can skin my pages. As on date, the options available are very limited. Just 2 or 3 skins that only change the colors a bit. The new skin, "I hate tabs" is the first significant deviation. I hope to add more appealing layouts sometime in the distant future. You need to have javascript enabled for all this. And the skins menu is on the top right corner of the page.

Talking about script, the next major change to go with the 1-pic-per-page layout has been the javascript based navigation scheme. I really must thank Mc on whose blog I came across this, Balaji for sending me there and Ed Powell who has originally authored the script for the system. I did modify the script a little to suit my needs. I think its a neat fix for people who want to host photoblogs on Blogger but still want the classic layout. For people who dont have the time and energy to invest in a domain of their own. Check it out

Two other additions to the post template include the pic metadata section and the picture description portion. The first, I feel, is an essential addition. Will definitely help me keep track of how my technique (if i have one) evolves. The other is just to place the picture in its context. Textual Bits that add meaning to my Pixels.

After all this talk about templates and skins, I want to wind up trying to undo some of my earlier harsh words on the Blogger commenting system. I had switched from Blogger to Haloscan last November as I felt people dont comment on my blog because blogger doesnt allow them to. Some months down the line, as Blogger has updated their commenting system, and as Haloscan is gradually going down the drain, I switch back to them. Of course, I would like things like TypeKey and RSS feeds included. But no, I don't claim to have earthshaking conversations going on in my comments column. It hardly matters. But that one thirsting, craving, Gollum-like part of me called an 'ego' craves for a few more comments.


Blogger ஆள்தோட்டபூபதி said...

Ram says(in last line):"But that one thirsting, craving, Gollum-like part of me called an 'ego' craves for a few more comments."

Gandalf in me says: U got it...

Mon Jul 18, 02:46:00 PM CDT 
Anonymous Sujatha said...

Y is the sidebar in a different color for the skin "1119 South"? The combo is not good. Plz change it. Ur photoblog is done well. Liked the "strikethrough" effect for prev/next. Coffee bean is too contrasting may b u can tone it down a bit, as it hurts the eyes.

Wed Jul 20, 12:48:00 AM CDT 
Blogger RamV said...

agree with you abt the coffeebean. it sucks. actually was planning to pull that down. but i'll see if i can tone it down.

Wed Jul 20, 04:37:00 PM CDT 
Anonymous Srikanth said...

Saar, you seem to have put in quite some effort into your templates. It shows in the result!

But do start posting your thoughts now in earnest - I am sure then the comments will come in pouring!

Wed Jul 20, 11:13:00 PM CDT 

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