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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

... the Stupor

that hits you on the morn after burning midnight oil. The feeling that you've been pickled in one of those biology lab formalin solutions. The feeling that some thick, numbing haze surrounds you, slowing down all your faculties. I'm rediscovering it all :)


Blogger Murali said...


After 2 years of experiencing this thick numbing haze and having finally gotten out of it these days, I think it would be appropriate for me to let you know my take on this issue.

I think one of the biggest mistakes that many grad students do is this nite outs. I am not sure if the body cooperates with us as much as our willingness to sacrifice sleep and this leading to dimnished focus prohibits much of the productivity during these times. Also once we sit through a long nite we get a sense of entitlement that we have worked for long(immaterial of whether it was productive) so we start to waste more of the day time giving a lame excuse to ourselves that we have all nite to work.

This is just my experience but I have seen a lot of people do good work in the nite but a more number of people just waste time and sap energy in these nite outs (I belonged to the second category)


I have also noticed that several highly motivated and sincere students never give in to the temptations of the nite out saying that "If I can't get something done in 16 daylight hours the chances of me getting them done in the 8 dark hours is very slim". I just wonder why this commonsense eluded me for those 2 years.

Fri Aug 05, 05:24:00 PM CDT 
Blogger RamV said...

i accept everything u say murali. but my excuse is that my night outs are always last minute... desperate battles when a few hours of sleep cannot fit into the schedule :p so i usually end up with a couple of days of very little sleep. inevitably, i fail to learn from the episode and repeat a similar story at the next deadline. :)

its not that i find the nite schedule more efficient. i used to think that was the case. but i also think that I can be equally effective at both times of the day.

i am planning to lead a more planned lifestyle :p

Mon Aug 08, 11:17:00 PM CDT 
Blogger Danger in the Blog said...

I am sorry to come in so late....But I have found nite-outs gratifying as there is no interruptions (& for people like me concentration is a lost concept)....

But there are people who do nite-outs for blogging & templating (You-know-who). For such people nite-outs & day-outs are the same.

Tue Aug 16, 05:41:00 PM CDT 

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