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Sunday, August 07, 2005

a realization

Wasted weekends begin with late night fridays :p


Blogger Danger in the Blog said...

Wasted lives starts with wasteful blogs !

Sun Aug 07, 01:54:00 PM CDT 
Blogger RamV said...

that was caustic enough !!

Mon Aug 08, 11:21:00 PM CDT 
Blogger Meenakshi Venkateswaran said...

Remember how u screwed up our plans fri nite??

Wed Aug 10, 08:25:00 AM CDT 
Blogger RamV said...

hullo ... i didn't screw anything up. and u ppl've tried more than enough to make mme feel guilty already.

Thu Aug 11, 08:44:00 AM CDT 
Blogger Meenakshi Venkateswaran said...

Heeeehahahaha!!! I m glad we succeeded!!

Thu Aug 11, 08:46:00 AM CDT 
Anonymous Stranger in the blog said...

Dear Ram,

sub: Looking for ur next update

As you have noted, the "-ers"(danger and stranger) in the blog are eagerly awaiting your next composition, article, chart, comp, concerto, dissertation, drama, essay, exercise, exposition, fiction, getup, manuscript, melody, music, novel, number, opus, paper, piece, play, poetry, rhapsody, romance, score, setup, short story, song, stanza, study, symphony, theme, thesis, tune, verse, work, writing ...

So kindly let us post comments by publishing your **** (refer to the list in the previous para) what so ever.

Thanking you,

Stranger in the Blog

(On the behalf of Danger in the Blog)

Fri Aug 19, 04:37:00 AM CDT 

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