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Friday, October 21, 2005

Where does my time go?

Some people write blogs, shoot pictures. Others, complete their work, fight deadlines. Still others play, go to the gym, watch movies. Some sleep and eat. Some hang out with friends. But I seem to be doing none of these. Repeat, not one of these.

I don't have major deadlines at work.. Nor do I use my time constructively or destructively. Where does all my time go? How do I manage to live a life that eats up all the time just for daily overhead. I just get up, go to the department, come back, have food and sleep. Note, nothing else between these events. There's an action-void between these. Just get up, then go to the department. Then come back, having done NOTHING. Eat. Sleep. And not too much of sleep too. Not any 16-hour marathon session or something. I wonder what really happens to my time. Why does my life proceed in a blurry daze like this. This is seriously something of concern.


Anonymous Sekar said...

Dei..relax da...That was just so typical of Mundi and my dear friend,you are absolutely fine.There is nothing to worry. You have not changed a bit.Way to go..Hehe..ALL THE BEST !!

Btw,Your words reminded me of my final year college life :-)

Sat Oct 22, 06:26:00 AM CDT 
Anonymous Danger in the Blog said...

My Son.....Gayathri Mantra says....To achieve eternal peace, look into your heart , NOT Gayathri's !!!!

Sat Oct 22, 12:03:00 PM CDT 
Blogger RamV said...

hehe ... sekar dei, thanks for the vote of confidence! and ya life here is a bit similar to hostel days .. though not much.

Sat Oct 22, 11:43:00 PM CDT 
Anonymous Srikanth said...

Saar, I know exactly what you are going through... I am often in that kind of daze myself - extreme inertia and lethargy. You could try and see if Vivekananda's powerful words helps you break out of it.

Thu Nov 03, 08:33:00 AM CST 
Blogger Girish said...

Can absolutely relate to it!!!!!!
heartening in some sense to read this, coz someone else is living a life dangerously similar to mine... :)

Wed Dec 14, 10:19:00 AM CST 
Blogger gawker said...

Life is what happens while you are wondering what to do with it. So you are living, basically.

Wed Jan 25, 01:54:00 PM CST 
Blogger Kuldeep said...

You're just a mortal being of this mundane world; and what you're doing just proves it. What we are never changes! Yet, who we are never stops changing.....remember these words :-)

Sun Mar 19, 05:18:00 PM CST 

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