Skin Chooser

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The post that was

In a post that should have appeared on this blog last Wednesday, I had collated a few noteworthy thoughts and observations that stemmed from the happenings of the previous week. However, owing to some funny session and login expiry rules that I am only vaguely beginning to understand, I lost most of the post. And thats a pity, cos what I had typed was certainly not short. I would have considered it sufficient material for 3 posts. And there were certain sections where I had really squeezed my mind quite a bit. Now, that is something that I must hold precious, for there seem to be fewer and fewer occasions where I actually think, as in T.H.I.N.K :) And I dont hope to recapture the precise words that originally formed the post. So, abandoning the idea of reconstructing it, I am resorting to the much simpler alternative of just jotting down brief-but-multiple posts that somewhat reflect the original content. Please bear with me if the next 2/3 posts seem incompletely fleshed out. Also note, that the time frame being written about is the second week of august.