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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The post that was - The week in review

Jus a short recap of some relevant things. If I am not mistaken, this is the first diary-entry style post in my blog. I have usually refrained from the pointless activity of letting the world know what I do everyday / week / month. I also refrain from reading such posts in other blogs. Except perhaps, with the exception of those people who are able to turn such accounts into laughter provoking prose. It is difficult to be able to step away and ridicule oneself from another's point of view. Even more so, to be able to do it humorously. Good-natured self-deprecation has always been a successful genre of humor, and it takes a good writer to be able to do it successfully, yet subtly. Something I have never attempted, fearing a dismal failure. Already digressing from what I intend writing about, let me get back to last week.

Last week saw the culmination of the previous week's slogging with a presentation that I had to make. Though the presentation itself went smoother than I would have liked, major upheavals were part of the days leading up to it. Most notable, the shedding of about half a kilogram of beard in what was practically a shearing ceremony on the eve of D-day. A month's worth of hair growth that was the result of sheer disinclination to do anything. Trust me, if I hadn't been able to lay my hands on the electric shears that I used, I might have spent an eon scratching my way through it with a razor.

That apart, I must meticulously inform all my readers that my physical reference co-ordinates have changed. I moved into a new apartment starting August. It was a week of madness. And it ended with an exasperated roomie who watched as I contentedly sat down amidst towers of cartons to write my report.

Finally forced to relinquish the landline that 'connected' me to the rest of the world, I had to get a cellphone. And I have not yet mailed or called anybody to let them know of these changes. Quintessential me.


Anonymous Stranger in the blog said...

I never knew someone can write about hair cut in such a articulate manner. Way to go. lots of things can be said when FEW things are cut

Sat Aug 27, 04:09:00 PM CDT 

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