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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Recycling code

After so many years, I think I have really understood what code reusability really is. And looking back, I realize that much of what I have written is not reusable in the full sense of the word. Of course, the root finding modules I wrote a year ago will still fit well into whatever I am going to write, say, next week. But, unlike the combustion chemistry modules that I wrote last semester, will they be able to just slip into any new code that needs it. Will it be a blind, snug fit. I will be able to plug-and-call the code. But will I be able to really just plug-and-let call the code? True reusability is when old can call the new, with blind confidence and no knowledge of the new. And how much of what I have written is like that? Not much, I realize. Little, very painfully little. On a better note, I realize with joy that I am learning. And that is all that matters.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

when does your next blog cycle start ?

Sat May 20, 01:12:00 PM CDT 
Blogger Murali said...

machi, any plans on new musings here ?

Mon Jun 19, 05:36:00 PM CDT 

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